What is One Big Switch?

One Big Switch is the world’s largest discount energy club, with over 1 million members worldwide. One Big Switch members get access to exclusive “members only” group discounted energy offers.

One Big Switch is also the fastest growing discount energy club in the United States, with a U.S.-membership of 60,000 people and counting, and we’re just getting started! As a result of this large and rapidly growing membership, One Big Switch members can now unlock exclusive One Big Switch group discounted energy offers to save with. Taking any particular One Big Switch Offer is completely up to you, and joining One Big Switch is cost and obligation free.

What does it mean to“join” One Big Switch?

Joining One Big Switch simply means signing up to receive emails from One Big Switch about group discounted energy offers. Joining is completely cost and obligation free. At One Big Switch we know you’re busy, so don’t worry-- you won’t be swamped by emails. We normally communicate with our members about once a week.

Does it cost anything to take part in One Big Switch?

It costs nothing to join One Big Switch, and its obligation free to be a member. We simply find you great deals on energy, and you then choose if any One Big Switch offer is right for you.

How does One Big Switch Work?

The One Big Switch Discount Energy Club works in 3 simple steps:

You join the club by signing up with your email and zip code. Joining is cost and obligation free.

Our energy experts use the huge buying power of the club to source group discounted energy offers. They look at all the details of the offer so that you can focus on what really matters.

You choose if any of the offers are right for you. All offers are entirely obligation free.

How does One Big Switch choose its energy offers?

The One Big Switch energy experts choose easy-to-understand energy offers that they believe will give our members the best bang for their buck. That means that they look for high value offers, with a significant group discount, from well-regarded energy retailers. We’ve seen from experience that this process can generate significant savings on our members’ energy bills while saving our members’ precious time.

Are One Big Switch offers available to anyone who joins the Club?

We aim to unlock offers that are available to as many of our members as possible. Unfortunately, due to the geographic breadth of our membership base, we can't always unlock an offer that is available to everyone. But membership is free, so if one of our offers is not available to you, stick around for the next one.

Is it really possible for the people power of One Big Switch to unlock group-discounted energy?

Absolutely. Over 150,000 people have already taken One Big Switch group discounted energy offers all around the world. 10 or 20 people can’t unlock a group discounted energy offer; they simply do not have enough buying power. But the buying power of tens of thousands of consumers can do just that.  With the weight of our members behind us, we can convince the energy companies to cut their rates. It’s an ambitious goal, but with enough members, it can be done.

If I join One Big Switch, what am I getting myself into?

Joining is obligation-free and cost-free. You are simply joining in order to view the group discounted offers we currently have available. You will also be notified about other One Big Switch discount energy offers in the future.

Do I have to switch to One Big Switch offers if I join?

Joining One Big Switch is obligation and cost free. You just decide if any offer is right for you. One Big Switch members are free to use our offers as leverage to shop around, or to see if they can get a better deal from their same existing provider.

Are One Big Switch offers the cheapest offers around?

Not necessarily. But what you can be sure of is that One Big Switch offers always include an exclusive group discount that is only available to One Big Switch members.

Any “Big Switch” is a bold experiment to see if we can source offers that you can’t get as an individual. Some customers are on legacy deals and special deals that are not available cost-free to the general public. Other providers could also be compelled to compete with One Big Switch offers by offering more competitive offers, which is great. It means consumers win even more. One Big Switch campaigns are about driving competition.

Are One Big Switch offers the right products for me?

Not necessarily. You should always consider the appropriateness of our offers for your personal situation, and if needed, shop around. People who join One Big Switch can switch to our negotiated offer, use the offer to shop around, or even negotiate with their current provider.

How is One Big Switch different from price comparison websites like PowerToChoose?

One Big Switch creates products and prices - we don’t compare them. We use the power of our members to unlock discounted energy offers. We only forward offers to our members that are not available to individuals.

Will One Big Switch swamp me with emails?

Nope. We know our members are busy; we won’t waste your time with daily emails. When we can help you cut the cost of your household bills we will be in touch. When we can’t, we won’t. Also, it’s easy to unsubscribe.

Does it cost anything to take part in the One Big Switch club?

It costs nothing to be part of One Big Switch. It is free to join, and free to take part.

So how does One Big Switch pay its bills?

We make money when you save money. One Big Switch is a for-profit-with-purpose enterprise that earns a fee from the businesses that earn customers through our club. Those commissions help to fund our future campaigns. Providers pay these fees, not our members.

What should I do after joining or switching?

Tell your family and friends about your savvy move. The more people who join the club, the greater the discounts could be.

Do I need an email address?

To join One Big Switch you will need to register with an email address & zip code.  But by simply typing your zip code into our website, you can determine whether any of our offers are available in your location at any given time.

I'm having technical problems with the One Big Switch website. Who can I contact?

If you are having technical problems you can simply email us at contact@onebigswitch.com.


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