NewsAnswering the big One Big Switch questions...

Answering the big One Big Switch questions...

Has it worked before?


One Big Switch has already helped tens of thousands of Australian, Scottish and Irish families access discounted electricity offers using the power of group switching.


Does it cost anything to take part in the Big Dallas Energy Switch?

It costs nothing to take part. It is free to join, and free to take part.


So how does One Big Switch pay its bills?

One Big Switch make money when members save money. One Big Switch is a for-profit-with-purpose enterprise that earns a fee from the businesses that earn customers through their campaigns. Those commissions help to fund future campaigns. Providers pay these fees, not One Big Switch members.


How is One Big Switch different from energy price comparison websites?

One Big Switch provides exclusive group price creation, not price comparison. One Big Switch uses the bargaining power of their members to source group-discounts on electricity

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One Big Switch
Answering the big One Big Switch questions...

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Eee from TX commented:

Glad to know "somebody" is listening! We seniors on fixed incomes can really use any and all help! 

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