NewsWhat is One Big Switch?

What is One Big Switch?

The One Big Switch Mission

To build consumer power and help our members pay less for their household bills.


One Big Switch is one of the world’s fastest-growing consumer organizations, with operations in Australia, the UK and Europe and nearly 700,000 members.

One Big Switch uses the collective switching power of its members to unlock group discounts on household bills such as electricity, gas, and health insurance. To unlock these discounts One Big Switch is the global leader in large-scale collective switching campaigns, and has run successful “People Power” campaigns in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.


Since launching globally, the One Big Switch team has been determined to bring a Big Energy Switch campaign to the US and in particular; Texas. One Big Switch chose Texas because of the energy affordability crisis currently experienced by households all over the state. One Big Switch is now launching the Big Dallas Energy Switch to unlock group-discounted electricity for households who join at


One Big Switch is a for-profit-with-purpose enterprise, it is free to join at , and entirely obligation free. One Big Switch members choose if any One Big Switch offers are right for them.

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One Big Switch
What is One Big Switch?

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Kacie from TX commented:

I need my service to start october 16th 2018 

Debra from TX commented:

When does the switch begin 

John from TX commented:

The ending date for my current contract is 11/28/2018. That is the date I wish to start TriEagle Energy service. 

Curtis from TX commented:

Service should start now 

Jaime from TX commented:

Our present service contract with "Just Energy" expires at the end of the month so we need it to start then. Thankyou Jaime 

Doris from TX commented:

I hope this switch lower my bill I'll what to see AUG 11,2018 

Anonymous from TX commented:

Well I will see if it better 

Marsha from TX commented:

Great , this was so easy , I’m gonna tell my friends about this amazing deal Thanks 

Marsha from TX commented:

Great , this was so easy , I’m gonna tell my friends about this amazing deal Thanks 

Anonymous from TX commented:

Switch service on 07/31 

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