NewsWhat is the Big Dallas Energy Switch?

What is the Big Dallas Energy Switch?

The Big Dallas Energy Switch Mission

Join the Big Dallas Energy Switch and use People Power to unlock Group-Discounted Electricity for Dallas consumers. Joining is cost and obligation free.

About the Big Dallas Energy Switch

The Big Dallas Energy Switch campaign aims to  unlock group discounted electricity offers for Dallas households. We believe that if we can get 20,000 Dallas households to join us by the 4th of December, the combined buying power of the group will be enough to unlock an exclusive group discounted electricity offer. We hope the Big Dallas Energy Switch campaign will spark added competition in the Texas energy market.

About One Big Switch

One Big Switch is a global consumer network, established to build real consumer power. One Big Switch members don't have to accept the world as they find it; they can demand more. One Big Switch is now launching it’s first campaign in Texas; The Big Dallas Energy Switch.

One Big Switch launched in Australia in July 2011, in Ireland in February 2014 and in the UK in May 2015 and has run multiple Big Energy Switch campaigns across the three countries.

Since launching in Australia, Ireland and the UK the One Big Switch team has been determined to bring a Big Energy Switch campaign to Texas because of the energy affordability crisis currently being experienced by households all over the state.

600,000 Australian, Scottish and Irish households have already joined the One Big Switch network, and now the time has come for Dallas consumers to get their turn. One Big Switch is now one of the world’s largest and fastest growing consumer organizations, and the fastest growing consumer network in the world.

One Big Switch is a for-profit-with-purpose enterprise. One Big Switch is free to join, and entirely obligation free. Only One Big Switch members can choose if any One Big Switch offers are right for them.

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What is the Big Dallas Energy Switch?

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Can a business sign up also? 

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