NewsDoing it Big in Texas

Doing it Big in Texas

This week, One Big Switch launched its first campaign here in the United States – the Big Dallas Energy Switch. Since we first decided to come to America, people have been asking me – why Dallas? After all, Dallas is known for its BBQ, the Texas State Fair, and a sport you guys call ‘football’ – not exactly friendly territory for an Australian who would sooner spend his days off at the beach than engage in NASCAR.

But we also knew that Texans have been overpaying for electricity for too long. In fact, last year Texans spent nearly $130 a month on their electric bills - with families in Dallas paying 20% more for power than the national average. 

This doesn’t have to be the case. We shouldn’t be forced to choose between putting food on our Thanksgiving tables and keeping the heat on. During the holiday season, people should be focused on the stuff that matters – family and good food.

But we knew that if we were going to come to Texas, we would have to do it big. That’s why we’re looking to sign up 10,000 people over the next three weeks to join us to switch to unlock exclusive group-discounted energy – at no cost and no obligation. If we are going to help Texans join together to take power back from the big utility companies, what better place to do it than the backyard of the biggest energy companies in the world?

We know this model can work here in Dallas – we’ve seen it work for hundreds of thousands of families in the U.K, Ireland, and Australia. When it comes to paying your electric bills, utility companies don’t have all the power – consumers have a voice, too. With enough families on board, we can introduce needed competition in the Dallas energy market and help push down the rising cost of living. And the more people who sign up, the better deal we can get.

Texans and Australians don’t have too much in common, but one thing is for sure – we both don’t like to back down from a fight. If we work together, we can fight back – and we can win.

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Doing it Big in Texas

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Anonymous from TX commented:

I attempted to sign up but never received the email with log in info. 

Anonymous from NY commented:

You no need to receive the email. Just input your email and zipcode, we will show you the campaign in Dashboard 

Ray from TX commented:

did you get my email and zip code? 

Anonymous from TX commented:

I need more specific info to insure this is not some kind of a scam. 

Anonymous from TX commented:

Why can't y'all give an estimated price per kWh? could get more people on your side. I expect a check for my consultanting fee of 50$. Contact me at 817-841-0554 

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