NewsMYTHS BUSTED – 5 Energy Switching Myths Busted

MYTHS BUSTED – 5 Energy Switching Myths Busted

Have you ever considered switching and then backed out because you weren’t quite sure what you were getting yourself into?

This is a common issue with consumers the world over. That's why we've decided to bust 5 of the biggest energy switching myths. 

Make sure you don't fall victim to these common myths about switching electricity:

MYTH 1: “It's Not Worth It”

FACT: Some households can save hundreds of dollars a year by switching to a more competitive offer. If you want to see what you could potentially save, simply call an energy switching expert on 844-879-8941.

MYTH 2: “It’s Too Hard”

Fact: The vast majority of One Big Switch members who have switched energy before said they found the process “Easy” or “Very Easy”

MYTH 3: “It takes too long”

FACT: One Big Switch members average switching time worldwide is less than 5 minutes.

MYTH 4: “Some Retailers' Energy Is Better Than Others”

FACT: No matter who you buy your electricity from, it's the same stuff. Retailers compete on price, billing and customer service. 

MYTH 5: “Your Power Supply Can Be Interrupted”

FACT: Once you're switched, it is a seamless process with no interruption to your supply. You won't be caught without power. 

The fact of the matter is switching electrictiy is easy and causes very little interruption to your billing life. The big differennce it is likely to make is that you will see your electricity bills go down. 

Click here to see offers now or call an Energy Switching expert now on 844-879-8941



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MYTHS BUSTED – 5 Energy Switching Myths Busted

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