NewsTalking Texoma - Lower Your Energy Bill with One Big Switch

Talking Texoma - Lower Your Energy Bill with One Big Switch

David Liston recently appeared on Talking Tecoma to talk about the launch of One Big Switch in Texas. 


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Ore read more about it below:

The heat is upon us in Texoma and keeping your home cool can be costly during these summer months. That’s why today on Talking Texoma, host Dee King sits down with Dave Liston of One Big Switch as he informs us on ways to lower our energy bill.

Since One Big Switch is a new company in Texoma, Dee posed the question, what is One Big Switch and how does it work. Dave replied, “One Big Switch is Texas' newest energy bill savings club. We use the collective buying power of 60,000 members to unlock big discounts on energy bills”.

Dave goes on to say the easiest way to save money on your energy bill is to switch providers and to join One Big Switch. They use the combined buying power of over 60,000 members to negotiate with providers and with that negotiation power the providers are more willing to give substantial discounts.

Dave also states that switching is easy, and it takes about five minutes. Visit and check out their offers.

If you want to save around $200 annually on your energy bill join Dave Liston and the rest of the One Big Switch members today, it is cost and obligation free.


One Big Switch


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One Big Switch
Talking Texoma - Lower Your Energy Bill with One Big Switch

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