International energy savings experts; One Big Switch are urging Houston families to review their electric rates and to switch to low rate, fixed price plans before summer hits.


The Houston Chronicle reported that “Electricity prices in the Houston area are nearly 4 percent higher this spring than they were a year ago, rising about twice as fast as the overall rate of inflation, according to the Labor department. Higher prices for power likely reflect concern among electricity traders that tight power supplies will drive prices this summer”. This means consumers should start switching and not take solus in the fact this summer is set to be cooler than last.


In Houston last year just 16% of the Houston area’s 2.4 million households switched. This is far too little, considering switching is the easiest and best way to save on electric bills.



In anticipation of the upcoming summer rate rises, One Big Switch are encouraging Texans to lock in a fixed, low rate energy plan now. The best way to do this is by:


·       Using a reputable energy broker or comparison website to find an offer, and then

·       Switch to a new retailer with a low fixed rate, or use the offer to

·       Renegotiate with their existing provider, asking for a low fixed rate


One Big Switch is a consumer network with 80,000 members in Texas. They promote retail energy competition through switching in Texas, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK.


One Big Switch have over a million members world-wide and facilitate over 100,000 switches a year, a strategy they firmly believe is the best way for people to save.


One Big Switch Director of Campaigns has commented on the Texas market today saying:


“There’s no other energy market in more need of genuine transparency and increased retail competition than Texas. 16% of Houston households switching each year is far too little.


“Fear of the unknown and dishonest pricing structures have scared many people into a state of apathy. It shouldn’t be this way.”


“Some electric rate offers in Texas are laden with tricks and traps that cost households big time, but by choosing a fixed rate offer which has a low headline rate, it’s hard to go wrong.


“Everyone should consider switching. If you aren’t confident in finding the right offer on comparison website or the like, simply call your own provider and ask for a better deal”


“For anyone looking for single, straight forward fixed rate offers from a respected provider, One Big Switch have exclusive rates available only at If you like the rates, then switch, if not, use them to negotiate with a preferred new provider or even your existing provider.

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