NewsQuick Tips to Save on Summer Electric Bills
Quick Tips to Save on Summer Electric Bills

Quick Tips to Save on Summer Electric Bills

Summertime in Texas is best spent outdoors, by the water and creating lasting memories with family and friends. But with the higher temperatures comes higher electric bills - and that can leave many paying too much for summer.


We believe in helping our members save their $$$, and so we’ve put together some helpful tips to help them save on their electric bill during the summertime heat.


1. Adjust your Thermostat

Moving your thermostat up a few degrees while you’re not home will help reduce the power used during the day.


2. Close up during the day

Closing blinds, windows and doors during the day creates insulation which helps keep your house cool and reduce the need for air conditioning. On cooler nights, open up the windows to let the breeze in.


3. Reduce large appliance use

Be more efficient by washing clothes in full loads, and use hanging to dry them. If you need to use a washer/dryer, running it at night will allow your air conditioning to be more efficient during the day.


4. Shop around for your Electric Rate

Far too many Texans are paying a c/kWh electric rate that is much higher than they should be. Many Texans don’t shop around between providers for a better rate, and it’s costing them. Making a switch could save you hundreds of dollars.  One Big Switch does the shopping for you and has simple, and fixed electric rates on offer for our members.


So this summer, follow these tips, reduce your electric bill, and enjoy the summer wherever and however you choose- knowing you're making savings!


For access to One Big Switch’s offers, become a member cost and obligation free here and start your road to savings!

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Quick Tips to Save on Summer Electric Bills

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